DEVELOPER: Raizing/8ing
SCROLL: Vertical


The year is 2014. An artificial island city has developed off of the coast of Manhattan, NYC because of the increased level of crime and violence. Created by Gigantech Cybertronics Corporation, this island: "Zenovia" was said to be safe due to its population of robot guards that patrolled the city, also created by Gigantech. However by 2019, crime had migrated to Zenovia as well (dubbed "Violent City"), as a result of the Gigantech robots not doing their job properly. Gigantech turns out to be run by many dangerous criminals, who created Zenovia as a testing grounds for their weapons.

Neither the local police or the army wants to storm the city, so they call upon nine convicts (some falsley accused) and equip them with powerful airbikes called batriders. These convicts known as "Zero Cops" are promised their freedom if they succeed in destroying Gigantech's stronghold. Seven other characters from previous Raizing titles have also joined the fray after completing the stories of their own games.


Standard directional movement. Press button A to shoot, button B to bomb, and button C to reconfigure your option (only works with Battle Garegga characters). Letting go of A will charge an "aura" around your ship, which can also hurt enemies at (very) close range. Pressing A with a charged up aura will release a powerful attack.


There are three different main courses. Novice, which is 3 stages and gives you an autobomber. Normal, which is 5 stages, and Advanced, which is 7 stages. Special difficulty is a "boss rush" of sorts.


You can select from three main "teams" of characters, or you can select 3 manually using "team edit" (or "random edit") option. If you want to play as only one character the "select character" option. Every character has a different shot/option, so experiment until you find the ones that fit your playstyle the most!




Option: Wideshot (Wide)

Bomber: Hypergravity (absorbs bullets and does lots of damage in a small area.) (Vulcan)

Info: 23 years old, has a strong sense of justice and became a Zero-Cop to avoid false charges for drug trafficking along with Shorty.



Option: Search Missile (Search)

Bomber: Lightning Blade (A powerful beam straight ahead. Think Master Spark.) (Napalm)

Info: 22 years old, smart minded, strong with martial arts and a master chess player.


Machine: SANGEREA 5280

Option: Satori Beam (In this case, most likely refers to the Buddhist definition.) (Front)

Bomber: Burning Hou-oh (A giant bird-like fire that moves forwards slowly. Possibly comes from the japanese word for phoenix: 鳳凰/Hou-ou.) (Beam)

Info: Has a short temper and was arrested for rampaging in the police station and injuring the chief. He trained for 10 years in the mountains to become like his grandfather, a Buddhist monk.




Option: Help Pod (Wide)

Bomber: Psycho Attack (Locks onto enemies.) (Beam)

Info: 15 years old, arrested for managing a cult. She has the ability to see into the future, and was investigated by the government. She lived on the streets after her parents died until the government found her and experimented with her psychic powers. She does not show emotion.



Option: Rapid Shot (Front)

Bomber: Strike Shot (Fires missiles that cover the screen) (Vulcan)

Info: 25 years old, convicted for marriage fraud. He is a playboy and has cheated many, many times. He has the ability to read minds, which made it easy for him to commit marriage fraud, in fact he successfully pulled it off over 200 times! Eventually, he was caught by the police and experimented on. An optimist but somewhat cynical, his goal is "to become friends with women all over the world".


Machine: BEYOND 8570

Option: Psycho Beam (Search)

Bomber: WindSlayer (Beam)

Info: 33 years old, arrested for belonging to an extremist conservation group: "Little Earth". His is a master of bomb making and hates human civilization. He can communicate with plants and vows to protect the environment. He has a surprisingly soft personalty despite being antisocial, but he tends to look down on people. His psychic ability powers his batrider.



Machine: MAD ROMEO

Option: Spread Shot (Front)

Bomber: Dynamic Saw (A saw that spins around her machine. Not much range but very strong.) (Napalm)

Info: 24 years old, Arrested for committing a multitude of bank robberies (64, to be exact). Her Batrider, Romeo, is her husband who can transform into a machine. Afraid of their immenent death penalty, the two decide to become Zero Cops. The two love each other deeply.



Option: Homing Laser (Search)

Bomber: Brutal Fire (Again, a blade that spins around his machine.) (Laser)

Info: 26 years old, arrested for running a criminal group of bikers called "Hello Razors". He has a lot of troubles, and his body is 30% mechanic.



Option: Sharp Cutter (Wide)

Bomber: Sonic Dagger (Saws rapidly fly out of his machine and cover the screen.) (Laser)

Info: 19 years old, arrested for murder. He doesn't remember how many people he's killed, nor does he care. One day, he made a mistake and was going to die, but was brought back to life and employed by the government.



Pilot: Brian Wayne (left)

Option: G-Shot (Garegga)

Bomber: Super Napalm (A quick Screenclear that can be fired in different directions.) (Vulcan)

Info: 29 year old pilot and engineering genious. Stubborn and has a strong sense of responsibility. Operates G-series 1 and 3. "Is our battle not over yet?!" Previously appeared in Battle Garegga.


Pilot: Jason Wayne (right)

Option: G-Shot (Garegga)

Bomber: Strong Vulcan (Shoots straight ahead.) (Laser)

Info: 27 years old, and is a genious engineer just like his older brother. Developed the Option system for the G-series and feels like he can rely on his brother. In charge of G-series 2 and 4. "We decided not to run away anymore." Previously appeared in Battle Garegga.


Pilot: Brian Wayne

Option: G-Shot (Garegga)

Bomber: Homing Missile (Exactly what it says on the tin.) (Vulcan)


Pilot: Jason Wayne

Option: G-Shot (Garegga)

Bomber: Search Fire (Short range homing flamethrowers.) (Laser)




Option: Buster Sword (Front)

Bomber: Magic Bomber (Clears the screen.) (Laser)

Info: 27 years old, and a self-proclaimed "invincible warrior" who has recently been wandering through time and space seeking out the strongest weapon. "I don't understand what's going on, but I'd like to win!" Has Appeared in Mahou Daisakusen/Sorcer Striker, Shippu Mahou Daisakusen/Kindgom Grandprix, and Battle Garegga.


Machine: GUN-DALF

Option: Ice Cube (Wide)

Bomber: Jin-ni Mountain (Summons a demon (Djinni?) that destroys everything onscreen.) (Vulcan)

Info: 21 years old, and a powerful mage who came to New York to see the excitement. Was caught up in shopping for clothes when she ended up trying to chase down a certain bank robber across town and became involved in the action. "When I'm done with this, I can go and see a real musical!" Has Appeared in Mahou Daisakusen/Sorcer Striker, Shippu Mahou Daisakusen/Kindgom Grandprix, and Battle Garegga.


Machine: MIYAMOTO (He doesn't need a machine since he can fly.)

Option: Daininjutsu Tsubute ("大忍術つぶて"/"Great Ninja Art(?)") (Wide)

Bomber: Sinku-Giri ("真空斬り"/"Vaccum Slashing". Takes up the entire screen.) (Napalm)

Info: 71 years old, and had been undergoing harsh training in the mountains to become a samurai. He became very famous while in New York, but the environment confused him. "It smells of evil ... If I can defeat this will I be able to go home...!?" Has Appeared in Mahou Daisakusen/Sorcer Striker, Shippu Mahou Daisakusen/Kindgom Grandprix, and Battle Garegga.



Option: Hell Ghost (Search)

Bomber: Bad Omen (Drops a big skull on enemies.) (Front)

Info: Unknown age. An evil dark sorcerer who plots of taking over the world. When he arrived in this world he saw the conflict and became interested, and decided to lend his power for the time being. "There are shadows of evil swirling here and there...! This world looks very interesting...!" Has Appeared in Mahou Daisakusen/Sorcer Striker, Shippu Mahou Daisakusen/Kindgom Grandprix, and Battle Garegga.



Option: Atomic Witch (Front)

Bomber: Arabian Jump (Car-Pet becomes much larger, faster, and invincible.) (Napalm)

Info: Age 19, apparently she participated in the races in Shippu Mahou Daisakusen/Kingdom Grandprix, but was shot down by Gain in the first round. Her carpet seems to have tracked Gain since then, perhaps she has fallen in love with him. She is a mysterious magic user. "It makes no sense that Raizing hasn't given me a lead role yet!!"


= Powers up shot

= Powers up bomb

= Adds an option (max 4)


Just like Battle Garegga, selecting your character(s) with a different button gives you a different power levels for your ship. This will also change your character/ship's color.

Select with button A: Strong shot, weak option.

Select with button B: Strong option, weak shot.

Select with button C: Strong shot + option, slower speed.

Select with START Weak option + shot, faster speed.

Note: selecting with START Will give you the ABC version of the Battle Garegga ships.


The Ranking system also makes a return from Battle Garegga. It's basically the same, so if you don't know how it works read about it here.


Various bosses from previous games have returned, and you can fight them under certain conditions or with the special course.

BASHINET (Mahou Daisakusen): Have at least one "Mahou" character on your team, and destroy every blue-gray enemy in the "Sky High" stage.

BASHINET MKII: Have at least one "Mahou" character on your team, and destroy the car shop in the first stage.

BASHINET R (Kingdom Grand Prix): Have at least one "Mahou" character on your team, and destroy three cannons in the "Zenovia City" stage (only in the Advanced course).

GOB-ROBO (Mahou Daisakusen): Have at least one "Mahou" character on your team and destroy the turret on the back of the plane in the "Airport" stage.

BLACK HEART (Battle Garegga): Have at least one "Garegga" character on your team and destroy all of the laser turrets in the "Sewage System" stage.

BLACK HEART MKII Have at least one "Garegga" character on your team and select alternate ship strength types for each. Boss fight activates after the "Highway" stage (only in the Advanced course).

GLOW SQUID (Battle Garegga): Have at least one "Garegga" character on your team and destroy all of the spinning guns in the "Zenovia City" stage (only in the Advanced course).

TSUMUJIMARU: Select a team with three different main shot types. Activates after the "Highway" stage.

HAYATEMARU: Select a team with three different option types. Activates after the "Highway" stage.


To unlock the guest characters, player select mode, and the special course, insert a credit on the title screen and then press UP UP DOWN DOWN LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT B A and then START. You can also have these modes unlocked from the beginning using dipswitches.

The stage order past stage 1 is randomized, and the stage 5 boss will be different depending on which stage is the second one.

Stage 2: Sky high = Blunt

Stage 2: Sewer = Sobut

Stage 2: Airport = Envy

Level edit mode: Hold A and B on the title screen and press START.

Advanced Boss mode: Select a specific boss to fight by holding LEFT or RIGHT while selecting the Special Course.

Holding a directional button and then pressing B again while using Tag-T's bomb allows you to change its direction.

The Options from Battle Garegga have returned, unaltered. For more info check the page on it.

Missing 3 shot power up items and then collecting the fourth will give you a "special power up" which will max out your shot power.



Endings @VGMuseum

After you finish a level you will the announcer tells you "Good" "Great" "Cool" "Excellent" "Amazing" or "Wonderful". I have no idea if this relates to rank or score at all, but it's nice to get a little praise I suppose. The announcer will also shout "No!" if you lose a medal chain at its maximum point value.