PLATFORM(S): Arcade, Sega Saturn, Xbox 360
ARCADE SYSTEM: Sega Titan Video
SCROLL: Vertical (horizontal display)


Although the purpose of this website is to describe arcade games, the story of Radiant Silvergun is largely missing in the arcade version due to technological limitations. It will be detailed here anyways because the game can be difficult to understand without it.

The Year is 2125. The main characters, Guy, Buster, and Reana are in charge of testing a new experimental ship prototype called a Silvergun. Their commander and pilot of their ship called the Tetra, Tengai recieves a transmission from Commander Igarashi on earth. A deactivated robot has been excavated, with the exact same serial number as the robot aboard the Tetra, Creator 00104. Along with a robot, an object called the "Stone-Like" was discovered, which began to release a large amount of energy. The Stone-Like eventually annhilates earth, leaving the crew aboard the Tetra the last remaining members of humanity. A year after humanity's eradication, the Tetra's food and water rations run dangerously low, forcing the silvergun pilots to return to what is left of earth to look for supplies.

The Stages are not presented in the story's chronological order. Stage 3, the first playable stage is when the Tetra's crew return to earth to gather supplies. Stage 2 is a flashback to the day earth was destroyed. Stage 4 5 and 6 take place after stage 3, but you are given the option to play through either stage 2 or 4 before continuing to 5 and 6.

The Stone-Like becomes aware of the presence of humans on earth, and begins to send it's army of robots after them. Tengai sends Creator to the now ruined HQ to search for information about the Stone-Like while the Tetra and the silverguns hold off the Stone-Like's robotic forces. However, the Stone-like sends its forces to HQ as well, destroying the building and the Tetra. Creator successfully escapes aboard Reana's silvergun. Enraged, Guy drives his silvergun into the Stone-Like in a last ditch effort to destroy it, but his attempt does no damage to it and he dies. Buster and Reana escape into space while Tengai uses the last of his life to distract the Stone-Like.Buster convinces Reana to return to earth one last time to try and defeat the Stone-Like. Before they leave, Creator gives them one last request.

At the end of stage 6, the Stone-Like transports Buster and Reana back in time to the year 100,000 BC to stage 1. The Stone-Like then explodes, killing the two. In the ending cutscene it is revealed that the Stone-Like is the guardian of earth that oversees the advancement of all of its lifeforms. If the Stone-Like deems that its inhabitants must start over it will eradicate them. Inside an underground facility beneath a lush forest, Creator creates clones of Buster and Reana from strands of hair, the last thing he requested from them. Creator, whos purpose was to ensure mankind survives, hopes that humanity will one day realize their mistakes and not have to face the judgement of the Stone-Like. Just as Creator deactivates, the clones of Buster and Reana wake up.

All of Radiant Silvergun's story is in Japanese. Thankfully, the Xbox 360 international release has english subtitles.



Radiant Silvergun uses standard 8 directional movement controls, and buttons A B and C for toggling different weapon types.


By holding down different buttons, the weapon the silvergun uses will change.

A: VULCAN. Shoots straight ahead. Pretty standard.

B: HOMING. Homes in on targets. Again, pretty standard.

C: SPREAD. Shoots two explosive shots to the side of the silvergun. powerful but somewhat situational.

A + B: HOMING PLASMA. two lasers that will home in on anything in a certain range in front of the silvergun.

A + C: BACK WIDE. Shoots the vulcan shot backwards, with a smaller shot in front. Surprisingly useful.

B + C: LOCK ON SPREAD. Slow lasers that home in on anything withinin a certain radius around the silvergun.

A + B + C: RADIANT SWORD. A close range sword that circles around the silvergun. Used mainly to absorb pink bullets (below) which are used to charge up a screen clearing attack.



The Sega Saturn game has a varieties of advantages over the arcade version, the inclusion of the main story being the most obvious. The Saturn version also has adjustable difficulty, and several bosses do not appear.


Official website (Japanese)

Translations of the story from Silver Translations